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U.S. News ranked Butler University's College of Business #2 in its Regional Universities Midwest category.

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Andre 4.22.13

Today is Earth Day, peeps! So to celebrate, go out and recycle, plant a flower, or anything to show ... Read more

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Jerry Dueweke

Jerry Dueweke

Associate Director of Admission

Aquinas College 1993

University of North Carolina-Charlotte 2003

Favorite Butler Spot
Any of the green spaces. Really what a college campus should look like!!

Favorite Thing about Indy
I love downtown. Lots of downtown areas don't have a lot going on weekends or after business hours, but downtown Indy always has people shopping, going to restaurants, or attending events!

Application Tip
Be engaged in the process: ask me questions, email me, stay in contact. The more invested you are in the process, the more able I am to help you through it!

TV show that I can't miss
Tie: Mad Men or Amazing Race

Collecting music, reading, playing with my kids, following Detroit/Michigan/Indy sports teams

Favorite Band/Musician
Tie: Radiohead or Better Than Ezra

Place you would most like to visit

If you could be any superhero, who would you be?
Iron Man. Solely based on the movies, which were pretty awesome.

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